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About me


👋 Hi, I'm Simon, a full-stack software engineer and a technical writer.

I've built my first web-page at 16 in Macromedia Dreamweaver. It was the "Quantum physics in simple terms" site. I remember that I've used some random googled JavaScript scripts for dynamic menus and my site was starting through the VisualBasic desktop app with a drum'n'bass music 😂.

Since then I'd received a Master's Degree in CS and managed to work in various positions: from a carwash worker to a chef's assistant in the restaurant, from a laboratory worker to an engineer in the software development company.

📚 I've always been a big fan of learning new technologies and discovering how things work.

Now besides my full-time job as a DevOps & QA engineer, I learn full-stack web development and write an open-source code in my spare time.

I believe that documenting and sharing new knowledge helps to understand deeper the things you've researched. I try to share my new findings that aren't well highlighted on the web. I'll be happy knowing if someone would solve his problem by reading one of my posts.

🙌 This blog is inspired by Kalle Hallden's, Tania Rascia's and Flavio Copes's works.

My setup

My current setup is pretty simple:

  • Lenovo T520 laptop
  • DELL UltraSharp U2719DC 27" monitor
  • Ikea desk
  • Some random mouse and keyboard
  • VSCode


We are what we listen to, who we listen to and who we listen with. Nico Jaar

🎷 Music is also my big passion and a huge part of my life. It helps me to go through the long coding sessions. Here is the place where I try to give some structure to my latest findings.